Monday, February 19, 2007

Enjoy Them While They're Young

I had the joy of taking my almost 3-yr-old to the Children's Museum this morning. We were lucky to have a little one-on-one time to ourselves.

We had a blast painting, picking apples, shopping in the pretend grocery store, catching butterflies with our shadows, sending blocks down a water slide, putting puzzles together and marching in a parade with the resident red dinosaur, Seymour!

I just loved watching her face and having a conversation with her through our whole trip.

The moments are fleeting...and FAST! I hope you are enjoying yours as much I am mine :)


my musings said...

Wonderful post! Some of my fondest memories are of times spent one on one with one of my children or grandchildren. That individual time spent with each child helps build good self esteem and memories for both of you, plus you get to know them better.

Tracy said...

Amen! My mom has expressed the same feeling toward the grandkids...almost a 2nd chance to re-connect through your kid's kids :)

Jane Allen said...

Thanks for this reminder to enjoy our kids while we can. Time flies fast, I agree. My kids are grown a bit but I'll ensure to enjoy whatever time they have to spend at the house. I have realised over the years that children cherish those moments more than any gift I could ever give them.