Friday, February 02, 2007

Save Some Money this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Candy, flowers and cards can be so expensive these days - especially after many of us are still reeling from the holidays.

Wouldn’t you rather save some money this Valentine's Day? Make some homemade valentines! Here's how you can have a little fun and save a little money too.

Valentine Cards
Do you have a computer? That's the first step. You can make professional looking cards using Photoshop or other card-making software. Is not only fun, but easy to use. You can make scores of valentine cards in a short amount of time.

Valentine Wreath
Make a valentine wreath for your door! Find some red fabric of different textures and make heart shapes. Then stuff them with newspaper to give them fullness. You can make several hearts and sew them together to form a larger heart which you can then add to a round piece of wire.

Baked Valentines
How about a valentine basket? Fill the basket with homemade heart shaped cookies. Be sure to use red icing; or even red food coloring would suffice. Add some Hershey chocolate kisses in red foil and set it out on your table for your family to enjoy. Use your baking skills to prepare a homemade valentine cake. You can even shape it into a heart. Surprise your family after dinner!

Valentine Heart
Make a valentine heart for your loved one. All you need is some red or pink construction paper and glue. Write your heartfelt sentiment on it, then sprinkle colored sparkles on the glue and hang it so that your spouse can see it as soon as he walks in the door. You can even cut out tiny hearts with red construction paper and stream it across a wall in your home. Write notes of love on each one!

It doesn’t take much to make homemade valentines. Just a little imagination and a few items can really make a splash without having to spend a fortune. It’s the thought that counts!

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Petite Mom Blogger said...

We love making homemade ones...

And we also get the boxed ones for $1 and we have an exchange in the house for fun since ours arent in school yet.