Thursday, June 14, 2007

Danger Rangers Mission 547 Safety Rules! DVD

Product: Danger Rangers Mission 547 Safety Rules! DVD
Reviewed by: Tracy Ebert, founder
Rating: 10
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Description: 40 minute animated DVD showing children safety rules through the use of superheroes named the Danger Rangers

Review: This DVD gets my two thumbs up! I viewed it with my 3-yr old daughter over the weekend and couldn't believe the reaction I got from her. I try to keep our usual viewing to semi-educational shows that help teach values, manners, songs, etc... This one was right down our alley - she was humming and singing the songs by the second go-round.

These animated superheroes called the Danger Rangers are housed in their secret headquarters (cleverly disguised in the head of George Washington in Mt. Rushmore). The Danger Rangers are organized by a super computer named SAVO. The Danger Rangers are alerted when safety oilations are being committed and they rush to the rescue to teach families and children the different safety rules regarding: home, biking, strangers, calling 911, fire, and pool/water.

Their motto...SAFETY RULES!

This DVD has Spanish and English available on one disc and there are some cute bonus songs such as "911," "Wheels," and "Rules of the Road" that have catchy tunes and lyrics to help the kids learn and retain the safety rules.

The viewing range covers a broad age bracket as my 10-yr old also enjoyed sitting with his little sister to watch and sing along.

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