Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to School: 5 Show and Tell Favorites

Some kids can’t wait to go back to school to be with their friends and talk about what they did over summer vacation. While others dread going back because they loved being home, spending time with the family, and engaging in all kinds of activities.

Once back at school, however, kids settle in pretty quickly and look forward to learning new things and making new friends. One of the activities most kids look forward to is when they are asked to bring in something special for “Show and Tell” day.

This is a special day for them because they have an opportunity to tell the other kids in their class all about this one item that obviously holds a great memory from the summer.

What are some of the things kids may bring into school for show and tell? Here is a list of some of their “favorite things.”

  1. Bobby may bring in a baseball signed by his favorite ballplayer and tells the class how he was able to obtain it and the signature.
  2. Betsy may have gone to Disneyworld over the summer and brought in a scrapbook she created with pictures to show the class.
  3. Teddy loves NASCAR racing, and he brings in his favorite replica of the winning car while discussing the race and driver.
  4. Jenny has a favorite stuffed teddy bear and she tells the class why it’s her favorite and how she chose the bear’s special name.
  5. Johnny brings in an unusual rock which he found when camping with his had. He talks about why the rock is special and why nature is so important.

While it’s fun for kids who share stories about their favorite toys, stuffed animals, adventures, vacations, pets, dolls, magic tricks, and scrapbooks; it’s also part of the socialization process. For kids who are shy, standing up in front of a class and talking about what they brought to school can increase their self-esteem.

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