Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7 Cardio Exercises - 7 Days of Fun For Your Kids!

We have become a sedentary society. What with all the T.V. shows, computer programs, and video games available now, it’s hard to get kids (and ourselves) up and moving anymore. That’s one big reason why childhood obesity is becoming more and more prevalent.

Now that the weather's getting warmer, getting your child in shape doesn’t have to be such a fight. Here are 7 ideas for 7 great days of workout fun for your kids. Why don't you join them and make it a family affair?

  1. Tennis. If your child isn’t into traditional team sport, then tennis is a great alternative. It gives a great cardio workout while also working various muscle groups and improving hand-eye and overall coordination. Plus, even though your child isn’t necessarily working on a team, tennis is a great way to meet and socialize with other kids.
  2. Hacky sack. This is a simple cheap way to get your kids up and moving. It also teaches coordination, balance, and helps your kids socialize and work together in a group to accomplish something. Plus, unlike most group sports, there are no teams so children are trying to beat their old records instead of trying to win.
  3. Dance. Sure, you can enroll your child in dance classes, or you could just turn on the radio a couple times a week and make up silly dances to go along with the songs. This not only encourages movement, balance, and coordination, it also work out kid’s brains by getting them to be imaginative. We do this ALL of the time in our household. It not only gives us exercise, but lets us blow off some stress from the day at the same time!
  4. Video games. These have gotten a bad rap in the past few years, physical video games have come a long way since the original Nintendo. Now there are tons of products available that get your child to stand up and move. One popular game series is Dance Dance Revolution (this is especially popular with our neighborhood girls). There are also games on the new Nintendo Wii system that encourage physical movement. These are a fun entertaining way for your kids to get a workout while they play video games.
  5. Soccer. There’s a reason there are so many soccer moms around - because these moms know that soccer is a great way for children to get their heart rate up, improve their footwork skills, learn teamwork, and have fun at the same time. Plus, if you’re worried about the problem of intense competition, there are many areas with leagues that don’t keep score. This has been and still is a great way for your kids to stay in shape.
  6. Swimming. Doing laps is a great way to get an aerobic workout without causing a lot of wear and tear on your child’s growing bones and joints. It’s fantastic and increasing endurance and stamina. Plus, a pool is a great place for them to hang out, play, and meet new kids in the neighborhood during the summer.
  7. Jumping rope. This is a great workout whether it’s done the traditional way, or the newer more faced paced version. This can help your child meet new people, and some areas even have it as a competitive sport.
There you go - 7 ideas make for one great week of working out. Get out and have some fun!

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Revka said...

Great ideas, Tracy! Thanks for sharing.