Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Rotten Sneaker Day!

Today is National Rotten Sneaker Day.

WHOOPEE! EVERY day at my house is Rotten Sneaker Day...and it's not just the boys, mind you...the girls contribute their share too.

We have the best time with the youngest - when she was a baby and I would change her diaper, I would grab her feet, put them to my nose and say "Pee-You!" When she was really young, she would smile...as she got a little bit older, she would giggle...and a little bit older, she would let out a huge guffaw! Now, she is forever taking her socks and shoes off (she comes by that honestly - I love walking around in my bare feet too), she lays down on her back and sticks her feet in the air..."Smell my feet mama!"

What does this lovely little anecdote have to do with Rotten Sneaker Day? She has REALLY SMELLY FEET! No doubt due to her REALLY SMELLY SNEAKERS!

So, as a tribute to this lovely holiday, I will take all of the yucky sneakers in our house and put them in the washing machine. If that doesn't help - I will have to resort to throwing them away in the trash ...I couldn't subject anyone else to the nasty hand-me-downs.


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Robyn said...

Since it's a holiday, does that mean that we get a day off??