Sunday, March 18, 2007

Inexpensive Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

As kids, we loved Easter, right? It was especially fun not only coloring Easter eggs but hunting for them in the morning. Mom always found neat places to hide them.

We used to have baskets every year - the Easter Bunny would hide them and we would have a ball trying to figure out where they were hidden.

Easter has come a long way since we were kids! Everything seems to be large and very expensive! It doesn't have to be that way. You can still provide a really good time for the kids without breaking the bank. I've put together 7 inexpensive ideas that will bring a smile to the little ones' faces on Easter morning:

1. For your younger children, you can put together an Easter basket filled with homemade cookies; Easter coloring books and crayons; and, of course, a small and inexpensive chocolate Easter Bunny.

2. Another favorite treat for kids is the very popular marshmallow chicks. These have been around since we were kids, and these are sure to be a hit with yours, too! You can add these to a small basket; take different colored tissue paper and cut them into strips to make a nest; line the basket; add the chicks along with a small bag of jelly beans, and some chocolate Easter eggs.

3. If you want to cut down on the number of sweets your child eats, you can buy an Easter basket and some straw, and fill it with little toys from the dollar store. You may even want to include a few kids’ books as well.

4. How about an Easter basket filled with cookies shaped like eggs and bunnies. You can use different color icing to decorate the eggs and bunnies. This is one gift your kids will love!

5. How about making a bunny cake! Have the entire family participate in molding, shaping and icing the bunny. Let your imagination run wild with this fun activity. Or you could make girl and boy bunny cakes for the kids and present it to them on Easter morning. What a surprise that would be!

6. String up jelly bean necklaces and bracelets for your kids to wear. Tell your kids there is an island where visitors are greeted with jellybean jewelry.

7. You can purchase inexpensive bunny ears for your kids to wear. They can hop around the house while hunting for those Easter eggs. Make a game of it.

Okay, I've started with the first 7 ideas - now it's YOUR turn. Leave some comments and let's build this list to help all moms out this Easter!

This is all lots of fun, but please remember to share the REAL REASON why we celebrate Easter!

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