Thursday, March 08, 2007

Easy Crafts for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th!!

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here ( a week from Saturday to be exact). Want to have some fun with your kids?

Here are some easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts for you to try:

1. Buy green construction paper and trace shamrocks from either a coloring book or a template online, and make a string of shamrocks to hang in your home.

2. You can’t celebrate the day without hats! You can easily make St. Patrick’s Day hats by using construction paper. While there are tons of templates available online, you can accomplish this task easily. Take two pieces of green construction paper and tape them together forming about a 14” long piece. Fold it into a circle and tape one side to the other. Take another piece of green construction paper to make the top of the hat by using a paper plate to trace a circle. Cut it out and use clear tape to attach it to the top of the hat.

Next, you’ll need to make the brim of the hat. Again, using green construction paper; cut out a larger circle and apply glue so that the hat will attach itself to the brim. Finally, you need the buckle to place just above the brim of the hat. For this you can use brown construction paper and cut a wide strip and glue or tape it to the hat.

3. In addition, you may want to assist your kids in making a rainbow Jello mold. You can even make a pot of gold using yellow apples! Or how about the old standby; cupcakes with green icing, with a shamrock cookie on top! (You could also go the easier route and make the Pillsbury already cut and bake style with the shamrock - just as much fun with the kids...and the cookies ROCK!)

There is no end to the many creative and imaginative ideas you can incorporate when engaging in a fun activity such as decorations for St. Patrick’s Day. Put on some of your favorite festive music, dance around and have a great time!

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Revka said...

Hey, Tracy! Great ideas; thank you! I'm going to write a St. Paddy's day post, and I'll summarize your ideas and link to here.