Monday, April 16, 2007

Ideas for Fun Kid Party Games

Planning a kid party soon? Need some good ideas for games to keep them occupied? Here are some fun ideas for all ages...have fun!

Shave the Balloon
Mess factor: 10
Suitable ages: Pre-teens or teens
Supplies needed: balloons, shaving cream, disposable razors, and newspapers (optional)
Directions: Blow up balloons before party time. Spread shaving cream all over a balloon. Let kids take turns “shaving” a balloon. The object of this game is to shave your balloon completely without popping it.
Side note: This game should be played outdoors because of the mess factor. If playing indoors, spread newspaper on the floor before you begin.

Crazy Faces
Mess factor: 0
Suitable age: Pre-teen and younger
Supplies needed: disposable cameras or digital cameras
Directions: Let kids take turns snapping pictures of each other making crazy faces. The object of this game is to see who can make the craziest face. Kids can take a vote and give a prize to the craziest face.

Pass the Egg
Mess factor: 10
Suitable age: All ages
Supplies needed: eggs, spoons
Directions: Group kids into pairs. Place one egg on a spoon, and then have a child to place the end of the spoon between their teeth. One child walks halfway to the finish line, and then passes the egg (from one spoon to the other) to their partner’s spoon. The partner then attempts to reach the finish line without breaking the egg. The object of this game is for partners to successfully pass the egg from one spoon to another and reach the finish line without splattering the egg everywhere.
Side note: This game is best played outdoors because of the mess factor.

Silly Story
Mess factor: 0
Suitable ages: Younger children
Supplies needed: articles of clothing, odd accessories (costume jewelry, floppy hats, etc.)
Directions: Sit kids in a circle. Make a pile of the story-telling items in the center of the circle. The first child starts the silly story by selecting a piece of clothing or an accessory from the pile. She puts it on, then makes up a silly story line. Example: A child might say something like, “Suzie needed a gallon of milk, but her hair was too short so she put a hat on her head.” While saying this, the child places a hat on her head. The next child follows in suit, choosing something from the clothing pile and putting it on while adding to the story. The story continues in the circle until every dress-up item is used and the story has ended. The object of this game is to have fun making up a silly story and dressing up.

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