Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Make Your Own Easter Baskets

There use to be a time when buying Easter baskets was affordable. With the exception of the dollar store variety, it seems everything but the kitchen sink is included, making them a bit high in price.

Here are some tips for making your own Easter baskets using your creativity!

A basket can come in any size and shape. Traditionally, an Easter basket is made of wicker, filled with brightly colored cellophane and, of course, the handle. You can make a basket out of things in your home.

  • How about a gallon milk jug? Cut it right above the handle to open it up. Wrap it with brightly colored cellophane or tissue paper and decorate the handle.
  • Paper plate and ribbon. Make holes on each side of the paper plate; use a bright colored ribbon to insert through the holes; make a bow and you have a basket, similar to one you would use to carry flowers! There are so many designed plates available in your local supermarket. You can dress it up however you choose.
  • How about buying a plain basket at the dollar store and weaving pink or blue ribbon through the basket? You can cover the handle of the basket with ribbon as well. Instead of buying the cellophane grass; line the bottom of the basket with colorful tissue paper cut into strips – make a nest, so to speak. Fill the basket with whatever you choose.

It is doubtful you will run out of ideas, but just in case, check out these links for some other creative ideas!
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These tips for making your own Easter basket are just the tip of the iceberg. Get your creative juices flowing and start working...if for some reason those juices won't start, just ask your kids - they are always FULL of creativity!

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