Thursday, August 02, 2007

Baking Soda: The Safe Way to Clean

Most of us have used baking soda at one point to remove odors from our refrigerator, but we never bother to take that box out and use it somewhere else. You fridge isn’t the only place nasty, bothersome smells develop, so why only use baking soda there?

Many cleaning products use harsh scents to cover up odor. To some people, these scented products can be really irritating to your skin and nose. That’s why baking soda is so great. Instead of covering up odors, it absorbs them and locks them away. You know it can get rid of odors in the fridge, but why not try putting some in garbage cans, shoes, litter boxes, or even sitting out in kitchens and bathrooms? Baking soda is a great way to remove offensive odors from pretty much anywhere.

Baking soda is a great way to remove dirt and anything else that might be stuck on surfaces. Just sprinkle a wet wash cloth with baking soda and scrub away. You can even use baking soda to get stuck on grease off your floors, counters and even pots and pans. If it’s really stuck on, you may need to soak it in baking soda and water before you start scrubbing. Remember to rinse all your surfaces after you clean them so there isn’t a residue left.

While baking soda can be used for general cleaning, it’s also a great way to get out stubborn stains. Just use a small amount of water to turn the powder into a gooey paste. You can then apply this to stains in your kitchen, bathroom, and even your clothes. Just let sit and then scrub. This paste is also a great way to clean your silver.

You can even use baking soda to disinfect objects like toys or other items around the house that get really germy (door handles, telephones). If the items can be soaked, they should be put in baking soda and water and left. It they can’t, simply cover the area and let it sit for a minute before wiping it off.

You can get even more cleaning power from your baking soda if you combine it with another wonderful natural cleaner: vinegar. If you’ve ever seen a model volcano at a science fair, you probably already know what happens when you mix these two chemicals together. When these baking soda and vinegar mix, they release thousands of tiny carbon dioxide bubbles. These powerful bubbles are great for cleaning out clogged drains, toilets, and garbage disposals. If you want the bubble with a fresh scent, try mixing baking soda with lemon juice instead.

These are just a few ideas for how to clean with baking soda. It is such a versatile product, the possibilities are endless. So why not pull your baking soda out of the fridge and give it a try all around your house? You may find yourself buying a lot more baking soda on your next shopping trip.


sage said...

I just discovered urine stains on our mattress (courtesy of our "not quite potty trained" toddler) husband has a highly sensitive nose, so I haven't used more than water & a mild detergent on the stain. Do you think baking soda will help?

Tracy said...

I think it's worth a shot. Dampen the area with water and sprinkle the baking soda over stain. Let it sit for a while. The baking soda should absorb most of the odor from the urine. This works best on a fresh stain, but should do some damage on an old stain too.

Let me know how it goes.

Ashley said...

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