Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Britney Spears...Oops I Did It Again

So I'm sitting down to dinner this evening with my husband, daughter and mother-in-law. Wednesday nights are usually spent at her house since the older kids are with their dad. Anyway, we are sitting down at 7:30 - normal dinner time for us. The TV is turned on to Inside Edition. The lead story is "Britney Spears files for divorce from Kevin Federline." I'm floored. Between working all day, getting the kids taken care of and getting over to my mother-in-law's, I hadn't listened to the radio or news (like this is really NEWS) all day and I was completely floored!

Now, please understand...I'm not a Britney Spears fan. I was actually glad to see her get pregnant (twice) and shy away from "the business" for a little while. I have an 11 year old daughter...need I say more?

Why was I floored? I'm not even sure why I care. I guess it's fun to see how the rich and famous live every once in a while. Even though we think they are, and they sometimes appear to be, different from US...every day they are proving to be more human than even us normal folks! I hear she has an ironclad pre-nup - smart move. I'm not passing judgment, but have one request...Britney, please, please be a good mom and take care of those little babies!

Back to reality. It's almost 11pm - now to pay attention to the REAL NEWS...who won the Senatorial race in Virginia? Oh, looks like we have to tune in for THAT continuing saga too...

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