Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Send Out Your Prayers

The blogging community can be so large and yet so small at the same time. I was doing my daily reading of my favorite blogs and came across a link that took me to the Atomic Tumor. This is another blog. The reason why I linked to this blog was the message that accompanied the link.

This is a blog started by a 28-yr-old man and 29-yr-old woman...married with two young children. They began this blog as many do with the intent of sharing their thoughts, ideas, pictures of children and family, and rambling on about nothing to whomever will read.

This blog continues to be the thoughts and ideas of the 28-yr-old man with a change. His wife is now lying in a hospital bed with what began as flu symptoms and has turned into something life threatening. This blog has turned into a vigil. He remains at her side as tests continue to be run and shares many times daily how he's feeling and what's going on.

Please take a moment to stop over at the Atomic Tumor blog, read the story (begins around November 1st) and make sure you send some prayers their way...

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