Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still Basking in the Sugar Afterglow

How did you fare this Halloween?

Used to be that question meant, "how much candy didya get?"
Today, for me, it means "how bad do your feet hurt?", "do you have a hangover?" and "has the sugar buzz worn off yet?"

And the answers are...
1. not bad at all
2. not much
3. no

So overall, it was a great Halloween!

Here's a pic of my middle and my youngest:

He was a ghoulish ghoul (sans the mask in this pic) and she was Tigger. All she cared about were those Smarties in her hand!

And here's a pic of little Tigger and yours truly after the festivities were over...she had lost her costume already.

I realized that I left my beloved husband out of here ya go - a pic of the hubs and the neighbor...

mine's the one without the head :)

Last but not least...I think my son and my husband both forgot to clean up last life story.
Ya gotta love Halloween - hope yours was as much fun as ours! Share some stories with me!

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