Friday, November 17, 2006

Thumbs Up Thursday (On Friday) - Eat4Today

My apologies - Thursday got away from me...but there's always time for Thumbs Up Thursday...even on Friday :)

My Thumbs Up goes to Katiebird over at the Eat4Today blog. This is a blog like no other I've seen. Here's what Katiebird has to say about it:

“I've read that we can be more successful keeping weight off if we do it with a support group. It can be something formal, like Weight Watchers. But it doesn't have to be. It can be friends who regularly talk about nutrition issues and it can be an online group.

Eat4Today is an online support group specifically for that purpose. So many of us have lost substantial amounts of weight only to gain it back as soon as the focus is gone. I'm hoping that together, we can keep our focus and lose the weight forever.”

What a GREAT CONCEPT - you don't even have to leave the confines of your computer to get support from other people who are also struggling with weight loss issues!

Want to learn more? Go here to check it out and browse through the topics and articles.


katiebird said...

Hi Tracy!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful BlogJolt!

That aspect -- of a support group that's available without having to leave the house -- has been an important part of Eat4Today from the beginning. Thank you for mentioning that specifically in your Jolt.

And thank you as well for the Turkey recipe. I love reading about how other people do it. And your steps for starting the night before will help (if I follow them) this year.

xxoo & Thanks again!

Brit Blaise said...

Now that I've taken a second look...I'm really going to like this place!