Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Garmin StreetPilot GPS Navigator

Product Name: Garmin Street Pilot GPS Navigator
Submitted by: Marie Ynami; Redlands, CA
Rating: 9
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Description: It is a small, convenient, portable and easy to use automotive GPS navigator. It has three-dimensional map graphics, is voice-prompted and tells you turn-by-turn directions through a built-in speaker.

Review: I love this gadget. I feel more confident leaving the house knowing that I will not get lost.

I like the fact that I do not have to stare at the map while I am driving as the "voice" tells me if I need to make a left or a right, get on the freeway or which exit to take. It also tells me the distance and my estimated time of arrival.

We have 2 cars and since this is portable, I can move it from one car to the other with no hassles. I simply un-mount it from the windshield of the one car and mount it onto the other car - so easy!

Now, my husband and I do not need to stop and ask for directions! The driver can choose from either a three-dimensional mapping perspective or the standard overhead bird's-eye view.

It has a neat touch-screen which allows for quick access to features such as addresses, recent locations, food, and lodging and it automatically puts you back on course when you make a wrong turn or run into traffic problems.

It includes a SD card slot and 128 SD card and Map Source City Select street data on CD-ROM. You can upload detailed maps using your computer and the Map Source City Select street data on CD-ROM.

It can be charged too because it has an internal lithium-ion battery. It also includes a vehicle suction cup mount w/integrated power cable and PC/USB interface cable.

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