Friday, May 25, 2007

Time to Open Up the Swimming Pool!

Pretty soon it will be time to open the swimming pool and/or bring out the vinyl pool for your kids. In order to ensure any pool is safe and prepared for summer fun, here are some tips you can utilize.

If you have a vinyl pool, check for rips and tears. If there are any, you can easily purchase a repair kit from any pool dealership. Follow the directions in the kit, and the kids will be set to go!

If you have a larger pool or built in pool, there are additional steps you will have to take:

  1. Ensure you have all of the chemicals you need to properly prepare your pool for the summer. Get rid of any outdated chemicals you may have on hand.

  2. Remove the pool cover and clean it; fold, and store for the summer.

  3. Get rid of all debris from the pool floor using a leaf net.

  4. Adjust the pH and Alkaline levels of the water.

  5. Use chlorine to get rid of any bacteria in the pool.

  6. Get the pump and filter in working order. Reassemble the ladders to the deck of the pool.

  7. Remove all of the plugs and replace the return outlet fittings.

  8. Fill the pool up to its normal level.
    Check all of your electrical components to ensure they are working properly.

  9. Start the circulation equipment and clean the pool.

  10. Check the chemistry of the water as well as the levels to ensure they are up to speed. The rule of thumb is to run the circulation system for three days until the water is completely clear.

  11. Get out your tire tubes and water mats; inflate and give them a good cleaning before they are placed in the pool.
When it’s time to open the swimming pool, the kids become excited and can’t wait for the first warm day. Ensure their pool is not filled with too much water. Make sure it has been cleaned, and most of all, make it as safe for them as possible.


aquabot said...

Thanks for this blog...Its a one step ahead question... I am looking for a chemical that I can put to a portable pool the kind that we put on the lawn only so that we don't have to replace the water every time we use it. can drops of chlorine or bleach will help and how much

aquabot-parts said...

It will be better if you get some feeder or those pills so you don't end up adding too much.

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