Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Babysitter = Chaos in our Household

That's right, my sitter is away this week. She had a family emergency and had to go out of town.

I've been wandering around all week trying to figure out how to get my work done, do the laundry, clean the house and entertain my 3 yr old.

We are SUCH creatures of habit! I'm used to having my routine of getting up, doing about an hour's worth of work, grabbing a shower, getting the kids off to school and the sitter and having a 5 or 6 hour chunk of time during the day that I get all of my work done. Then, when the kids come home, I take care of the housework (of course, with their help) and cook dinner. Since, my sitter has been away, I am lost without my routine!

So, after much deliberation (and feeling worthless because I am having trouble with this simple change), I decided not to fight city hall and: let my daily blog turn into an every 3 day blog; get only the work done that absolutely HAS to be done during nap time and the early morning hours; let a little bit of laundry slip (we can all wear those shorts ONE more time before they need washed, right?); and PLAY with my little girl.

Hopefully, things will be back to normal next week, but if they aren't - I'm not going to sweat it!

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Petite Mom Blogger said...

Yeah, working at home without kids being in school and without a babysitter is HARD..I should know, I do it EVERY DAY! Luckily, my son starts kindergarten in August and I will only have 1 at home with me and if all things go according to plan, we will be moving next to the in-laws very soon so that means I'll get a babysitter 1-2 days per week! I'm so excited!