Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cool Halloween Recipes

I found a few cool last minute Halloween recipes for that party you might be having this weekend or for the special day on Tuesday!

Pond Worms
4 serving package green jello
4 plastic clear plastic cups Jelly worms or snakes

Prepare jello according to package instructions and leave to cool in refrigeration for approximately 1 hour. You need the jello to slightly thicken so “worms” don’t sink but not fully set. Insert gummy worms into jello and place back in refrigerator to finish setting.

Spooky Graveyard:
1 package instant pudding (vanilla or banana) and/or vanilla ice cream
1 pack of oreo cookies (crushed)
Milano or graveyard shaped cookies
Assortment of Halloween candies

Prepare pudding according to package instructions and place in serving bowl. Alternatively you can use vanilla ice cream. We used both a mixture of pudding and vanilla ice cream. Place crushed oreo or other chocolate cookies over pudding/ice cream and insert graveyard shaped cookies and candies to make a spooky graveyard. There are tons of different ways to make this look cute the kids will really enjoy decorating it. Really easy and tasty.

Devil Eggs
Hard boiled eggs
Cream cheese
Sliced olives
Place eggs in large pot of water and boil until fully cooked (it’s best to let them really set, about 12 minutes). Slice the eggs in half and scoop out the yolk, place in a small bowl. Mash all the yolks with a little cream cheese. Carefully place cream cheese and yolk mixture back into egg and decorate with an olive slice and ketchup for a blood shot effect. Gross but fun.

Scary Eyes
Cream Cheese
Wash and peel carrots. Cut into rounds for eyes. Place a little cream cheese in the center of each carrot and top with a raisin. Super easy and healthy.

Ghostly hands
Rubber/latex gloves
Cranberry juice or fruit punch
If you’re going to drink from this bowl please make sure you turn latex gloves inside out and thoroughly wash before filling with water. Alternatively you can just use this for decorative purposes.
Fill bowl a half and half mixture of fruit punch or cranberry juice and sparkling soda or water. Cut latex glove from around icy hand (you may need to place under running water for a second or two) and add to bowl. Kind of morbid but a big hit with the kids.


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