Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Confidence and Self Esteem Go Hand In Hand

Confidence is a crucial part of our lives - both as children and as adults. Without it, we are left with: low self-esteem; feelings of unworthiness; and we are vulnerable to the pitfalls life sometimes doles out. Confident moms = confident children and this, above all else, is the very foundation which will determine the future success or failure of your children. Here are some tips on how you can increase your child’s confidence:

Be a role model for your child. If your self-esteem is high, your child will pick up on that part of you and absorb it. Keep a positive attitude in everything you do. Think back to the happiest memories from your childhood, and use it as a catalyst in your own life. If you become worried or frustrated, avoid outwardly expressing it. Negativity in the home is unhealthy, especially for children.

Counteract their exposure to the unpleasant things in life by having frequent talks invoking the positive aspects. Help build your children’s self-esteem by giving them certain responsibilities around the home, and rewarding them for a job well done. Give them the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them. Encourage them in anything they wish to achieve, utilizing a positive tone.

Be open to their thoughts and feelings. If they have been confronted with a particular situation, listen and be attentive and comforting. However, try not to tell them what to do but allow them to work it through in their own mind. This will give them the tools they need to learn how to interact with others. It is a crucial step in their development. Allowing them to solve their own problems will boost their confidence immeasurably and give them the independence that they need as they grow toward adulthood.

Be sensitive to their needs; don’t brush aside what may seem trivial to you. Remember when you were going through the same phase; be always mindful of it.

Children mirror what they see in their home lives and day to day activities. If you exude confidence, they will pick up on it and begin to display the same confidence in their own lives!

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