Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Organizing the Kids Rooms

What's one of the biggest tasks in the house to initiate and maintain? The kid's rooms! Nothing is more difficult than getting the kids to clean up their rooms and keep them clean.

Here are some tips to help you get organized and give them the tools to KEEP organized:

When selecting the storage for your child’s room, be sure that it’s something that the child can use. There are tons of options, from plastic storage bins, the fold up cardboard under-bed boxes and drawers and build-it-yourself furniture, and don’t forget garage sales. Take your child with you when getting new storage, to make sure it will be user friendly.

Younger children have trouble opening heavy dresser drawers, so consider using cardboard box storage, or open stacking baskets. Use the dressers for out of season clothes until they are older. Put stickers on the drawers to show what goes in each one, so they can start learning to put away their own clothes. You can find a wide variety of stickers in scrap booking supplies.
Clear plastic bins are great for toys. The lids are usually easy to work and the children can see what’s in the box. It’s also fun to label the storage with bright pictures of what goes in each box. ****COOL IDEA**** Stuffed animals can multiply like rabbits, but storing them on a Velcro covered pole is fun and helps decorate the room. **** A large decorative laundry basket can make good storage for the stuffed animals as well.

By sorting the toys into groups, and storing some in either the basement or garage, you can limit the amount of toys in their rooms at one time. Rotate which toys they have once a month or so, helping limit boredom with the toys. This is also a good time to sort out the things the kids no longer play with or have gotten too old for, and either pass things on or have a garage sale or sell to a consignment shop.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome ty for the great ideas, I'm off to find the items to get the mess .. umm I mean treasures under control ..btw i particularly love the velcro tree idea for the bazillion stuffed animals.
Thank you