Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thumbs Up Thursday - Keeping the Castle

This week's Thumbs Up Thursday recipient is Maricar at Keeping the Castle.

Keeping the Castle is a blog about...what else?...housekeeping and homemaking. This blog is great for organizational and housecleaning tips. This info isn't just for the full time housekeeper. It's also a great resource for all of us who struggle to keep a good balance in our work and home lives.

Maricar recently posted about this really cool cutting board with different color inserts - check it out here. I think she does a great job of honing in on ways to help make our lives a little bit easier.

Here's to you Maricar!

1 comment:

Maricar said...

Thank you! We're all just trying our best, and if I can help even a little, then my blogging would have been worth it. :)