Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cool Site Alert! - Custom Chore Charts

This is a COOL site! FREE STUFF!!

Check out this site. You can create custom chore charts for your kids, print them out and hang them on your fridge for them to use. Lots of character themes are available - Dora, Dragon Tales, Sponge Bob - really anything you can imagine. There was an excellent suggestion on the site to print out the chart, have your child color it and then laminate it for use over and over again.

There are also calendars, craft ideas, projects to do with your kids...check it out!!


Carrie Lauth said...

I love the chore charts there too, aren't they great? It's so neat that you can customize them right there instead of just printing out a blank sheet that you have to fill in.

Tracy said...

It is awesome - especially for the little ones who are just getting started on "responsibilities". They see their older siblings performing their chores and this is a fun way to ease them in :)

sbo said...

thank you so much. fosbobetr good Archive