Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thumbs Up Thursday - Little Fun; Little Learning

It's Thursday...time for another Thumbs Up! This week's prize goes to Revka at Little Fun; Little Learning. Appropriately named because it is focused on the "littles" in the family - age 0-5. There are activities and other terrific resources for that age group.

I'm particularly intrigued because of my almost-3-yr-old. She keeps us hopping and this blog has some great resources!

I particularly liked Revka's entry on Board Games - check it out here. She makes some great suggestions for the "littles" age group. Our family loves to play board games and now little Livvie is getting her feet wet with a new set of games she got for Christmas made by Leap Frog. The games include: memory mate (the pictures match, one card has the word in English, the other in Spanish); dominoes (see picture); and two card games - Alphabet Go Fish and Math Rummy.
This dominoes game is a very cool learning tool! Her set came with about 6 different sets of domino games including colors, animals and even regular colored dots like real dominoes. There's one set that includes pictures of objects with rhyming words underneath. We played not only matching up the pics, but also rhyming "cat" with "hat" and "bug" with "rug." She caught on quickly and will surprise her older brother and sister today after school with her new skills!

Play some games with your kids - it can be a lot of fun and YOU might even learn a thing or two :)

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Revka said...

Tracy, thanks for posting about the Leap Frog games. I will have to write another games post and highlight them. They look great! I love games that provide fun and education at the same time, and Leap Frog materials are so good at doing that.