Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thumbs Up Thursday - Babylune

Now that I'm back in stride from the holiday, I need to get back into my "Thumbs Up Thursday" salutes.

This week's nod goes to Kate at Babylune. Kate's says, "The blog isn't usually about baby care. It's about mother care. I've covered topics from weight loss to hemorroids, from breast feeding to feelings of isolation. It is my goal to inspire every new mother to do one thing for her own health and well being every day."

One particular topic that Kate just covered is HPV and cervical cancer. We've all heard about it on the popular commercials. Most of us have probably discussed it with our doctors...and as mothers of daughters, some of us have even been introduced to the vaccination for HPV. It's very prevalent in today's about Kate's take HERE.

Way to go, Kate - thanks for another reason to give a "thumbs up" this Thursday!


Kate said...


Thank you so much for your jolt post!

I hope the HPV treatment post helps someone about to make a decision.

Just out of curiosity, what did you decide to do about the vaccine? I think we're going to have our daughter receive it when she is around 10 years-old to ensure the immunity hasn't worn off when she actually needs it.

Tracy said...

We were approached with it during our daughter's 11-yr annual visit to the pediatrician. I had seen the commercials and had been aware of HPV, but I had no idea there was a vaccination.

They say it's best to administer the vaccination before the girl becomes sexually active. We decided that we would go ahead and do it next year at her annual visit (when she's 12).

I thought it was interesting that they don't recommend the vaccination for boys too. From what our pediatrician told us, men can carry the virus and pass it on to women. Why don't the boys need the vaccination as well?