Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kids and Exercise

You've made a resolution to exercise on a more consistent basis...get your kids involved too! Exercise and being fit is just as important for the young ones as it is for us. Even more so to develop good, steady habits that will last them a lifetime!

Here are some reasons why your child benefits from a regular exercise routine:

  1. Exercise reduces the risk of obesity. If your child participates in a regular exercise program, her chances of becoming obese are dramatically reduced. An active child means a healthier child.
  2. Exercise lessens the risk of diseases. Diabetes and high blood pressure are combated by exercise. If you have a family history of such diseases, you should especially encourage your child to exercise.
  3. Exercise strengthens your child’s body. As your child exercises on a regular routine, his muscles and bones will be strengthened.
  4. Exercise induces feelings of well-being. Have you noticed your child struggling with peer pressure or becoming uncomfortable with her body? Encourage an exercise routine. Exercising helps release frustrations and can help boost your child’s self-confidence.

Need some exercise ideas to encourage your child? Why not incorporate an exercise routine into your schedule with your children? Try these simple ideas:
  • WALKING – Walking is the simplest, and yet the best form of exercise for anyone. Walking is a good way to get conversation flowing as well.
  • SPORTS – Is your child interested in any type of sports? Why not grab the basketball and head to the court with him? Make a date every Saturday to spend a couple of hours playing basketball with your son.
  • SWIMMING – Just about every kid loves to swim. If you don’t have a personal swimming pool, invest in a monthly membership to a local gym.
  • BIKE RIDING – Next to walking, riding bikes is another easy way to get fun exercise.
  • HIKING – If your family loves the outdoors, get everyone a pair of hiking shoes and gear and get moving. Plan special outings once a month, in addition to your regular exercise. Kids usually love hiking because they get to explore and discover new things.

Now that you've got some tools...get out there and get active with your kids. It's great family time and they will thank you for it later!

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